ISWS is a Non-government organisation established on 1/4/95 as per society registration act rule 1860 and mumbai public trust act-1950. Mr. A.G.Belekar  is a founder of organisation  which  they work for poor,tribal and rural peoples so that these people can educated,empowered and developed their own social and economical status that  included in order to provide support for their sustainable development. In these 19 years,our  organisation has actively involved in the co-ordination process of the voluntary organised in Gondia district NGOs and  capable of implementing and managing the programs of rural development. The Dedicated Members of ISWS are Young, Educated,Experienced Professional , Having deep knowledge of field work .With the continuous efforts by dedicated and experienced professional social workers ISWS has spread its root to 10 blocks of Gondia District & tackle the grass root level problem and trying to providing livlihood opportunities to rural population.